How can you support this company?

If helping people is close to your heart, and you want to help us maintain these jobs and hire even more people, there are 3 different ways you can help us:

1/ Buy an item

Sales are our only source of revenue so when buying one of our products, you literally help maintain the jobs of our employees.

2/ Contact us if you have low-cost or free raw materials

Access to low cost or free materials is the best way to keep the prices of our products affordable for everyone. These low prices also promote high volume sales which allows us to keep everyone busy.

3/ Follow us on social media

Even if you can’t buy one of our products, you can still help us let the world know what we are doing. Increasing our reach will allow us to sell more products, find more raw materials and help more people find meaningful employment.
If you buy one of our products, please share that on social media, and tag us using:@RecokaManitoba

Thank you in advance. This means a lot to us.