Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Founder & CEO

Born and raised on a mixed farm, Jean-Guy learned at a very young age to feed the chickens, milk cows, clean the pigpen by hand and to NEVER stand behind a coughing cow. Starting his accounting career in 1983, he worked in public practice for several years before founding Talbot & Associates Chartered Professional Accountant in 1991.  Growing the practice from a one-person operation in his basement to over 70 staff in 8 locations across Manitoba, he has devoted a tremendous amount of time and energy to research the secrets of operating a better business, but more importantly, how to live a better happier life. Jean-Guy now mentors other accountants & bookkeepers on the path to success.  In 2016 Jean-Guy was formally recognized by his peers for having rendered exceptional services to the profession and received the title of fellow CPA (FCPA).

Having recently slowed down tremendously from the above engagements, Jean-Guy felt a tremendous need to keep his mind busy.  His soul searching resulted in him making some discoveries about himself.  Jean-Guy discovered that he needed:

  • To be building something that would impact other people’s well-being
  • To be leading a team and influencing them to a better way of life

From this need, recoka was born.

Jean-Guy recently built himself a really nice metal/woodworking shop and found he quite enjoyed building things.  So why not expend this love of creating into hiring others who may not know much of anything in working with wood and metal so that they may become better equipped with finding employment on the market.  Jean-Guy quite enjoys the prospect of building a business whose only purpose is to help and train others, without any need whatsoever to realize a profit. 

I see every day people very close to my heart, who are struggling to find and keep a job, because companies can’t afford an employee that demands greater training. And I don’t blame them because being in business is hard and you often have to make tough choices to keep your company healthy.”

Jean-Guy Talbot, FCPA, FCGA

Ingrid Wieler B. Com.

Ingrid Wieler, B. COM.


Raised in a small town, Ingrid Wieler grew up with small town values. She knew from a young age that she wanted a career where she could make a difference; where she could have a positive impact on others.

Having graduated from the University of Manitoba with her Bachelor of Commerce, she began her career in cost accounting. This was not her idea of making a real difference in the lives of others and she soon ventured on to the world of finance. Here she was able to see firsthand, the difference she made in the lives of some of her clients. She spent the following 6.5 years working as a financial advisor. After this period of time, due to some external factors, she no longer found herself enjoying her work, and she decided to leave the industry.

At the time, her intention was to take a short break, and then return to the world of finance, but during her break, she started dreaming up a new business venture. One thing that had become really important to her was equal opportunity in the workplace. And having a niece and nephews with intellectual disabilities, discussions had been had in the family about the opportunities that would be available to them when they grow up. As a result, she wanted to make it a priority to employ people facing similar challenges in her business. During the research phase, she met up with Jean-Guy to discuss his plans for recoka. During this initial meeting, she realized there was a lot of overlap in both of their business plans. So instead of venturing off on her own, she decided to partner up with Jean-Guy and combine their ideas.

I’m so excited about the potential this place has and the difference it’ll make in the lives of others.
I can’t wait to grow and expand the company, and see all the lives it’ll touch along the way

Ingrid Wieler, B. Com.